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If you are looking to buy a Power Breezer or Power Breezer MAX, Please call Atlanta Cool Zone for the best price in the USA at 770.317.5210.

Engineered to cool outdoor environments, Power Breezer or the Power Breezer MAX® is the most effective solution for cooling outdoor and partially covered spaces.  It's pateneted Atomizing technology creates tiny water droplets that quickly evaporate for maximum cooling. No direct hose connection required! Huge 85 gallon water reservoir last approximately 4 - 5 days running 10 - 12 hours per day. 

This durable Power Breezer™ commercial cooling fan can reduce heat-related injuries, improve productivity, reduce heat stress in athletics and cool up to 3,000 sq. ft. Can be used outdoors or in partially covered environments. Fan requires minimal maintenance and has no filters to clean or replace.

* Pushes out 14,000 cubic feet of cold air per Minute

* Deploys in less than 1 Minute

* No Direct Hose Connection needed 

* Oscillating head cools a wide area

* Large 85 Gallon Reservoir last for 5 days

* Does not get guests, equipment or immediate area wet

* Easy to Maintain and NO Pads to Replace-no nozzles to clog

* No tools required for assembly