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Atlanta Cool Zone is the #1 Provider of the Power Breezer, Power Breezer MAX to the NFL and Colleges and High Schools. Many manufacturing, special events and businesses use the Power Breezer to Mitigate Heat and Keep athletes and employees safe and productive.

The Power Breezer are Portable Outdoor Evaporative Air Coolers can reduce air temperatures 15 - 30 degrees with 14,000 cubic feet of colder air per minute. This produces 35,000-65,000 BTU's of Cold air, depending on which model you select. They are completely self contained with an on-board 85 gallon water tank.. A MUST Have for Wedding Receptions outdoor in the South. They also are a must have for all sports to prevent heat stroke and major industries for heat mitigation.
The EcoJet hanging air coolers gives you an option to hang an air cooler from a ceiling or wall where it isn't practical to have a air cooler on the floor. The water vapor coming from the front of all these coolers is evaporated when it gets 6 feet from the front. Low electrical costs of about $1 a day. The Fortaleza can priduce 11,000 cubic feet of colder air per minute. Other smaller systems are available

JOAPE 11,000 cfm HANGING FAN                             
"Our entire band would have passed out because it was so hot and humid. We stood in front of the Power Breezer during our 3 music breaks. Your cooling units are Incredible"


"The Bride and Groom were very glad they had you to keep their guests cool during their reception. We're going to tell all our bridal clients about you and the Power Breezers. Your white dance floor was beautiful too." 

Portable Outdoor Air Coolers can cool outdoor air for special events by 15-30 degrees and are a MUST for weddings and all outdoor special events where you want to stay cool.


Go to: www.MobileAirCooling.com for more information on Air Coolers and Covid Sanitation Systems.



 port-a-cool  power-breezer power breezer coolest breezer atlanta georgia atlanta cool zone

Atlanta Cool Zone rents the most powerful 47,000 BTU Commercial patio heaters with a 38 inch dome for the most heat and largest coverage area. 770.317.5210



Our 47,000 BTU Cocktail Table Patio Heaters have the Highest BTUs and largest reflector domes in America, beating our competitors by 7000 BTUs. This means that they will keep guests warmer than our competitors 40,000 BTU Heaters and tiny 30 inch domes. Plus, they are vey stylish and have a lighted Cocktail table attached. Call us for our recomendation of which units will work best for your event. 



Atlanta Outdoor Heating also sells LB White Forced Air Torpedo and Tent Heaters for large areas. They range from 80,000 Tent Heaters to 650,000 BTU Torpedo Heaters,

Please call us for our recommendation based on your specific needs at 770-317-5210 







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